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       Panther Healthcare has already penetrated morethan 1500 hospitals in China and currently has presence in more than 60countries.
    • Our sales representatives based in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America are always ready to provide our customers with support,training and any other assistance when necessary.
    • Our National distribution network is represented by a professional sales team of 60 managers and more than 300 distributors.
    • Our International distribution network is represented by a professional sales team of 10 managers and more than 60 distributors with presence in morethan 60 countries worldwide.
    • During 2015 we shipped out more than 400,000 staplers worldwide
    • We are cooperating with surgeons and KOLS in the development of white papers and clinical evidences to clinically reinforce the high quality of Panther Healthcare products.
    • Our marketing and sales teams are constantly participating in surgical congresses around the world in order to meet the most important needs of our customers.
    • As part of our Panther Healthcare Educational Program we are sponsoring several clinical immersions courses in Europe every year. Our clinical immersions courses are mainly focused on Bariatrics, High volume PPH and Lap colorectal procedures.
    • Panther Healthcare Sales, Marketing and R&D departments, are always working together to get the best market feedback and to create innovative products and solutions which market really needs. Panther Healthcare has already registered more than 200 cases of intellectual property rights.
    • You can find more information regarding the surgical congresses in our website section “News”
    • Regarding our educational programs please contact us